I’m India since mid-December. I’m now in Kanyakumari
I’m practicing Yoga, long walks to the beach for Sunsets, I travelled from Madurai.
In between, I stay busy moving toward my goals.
Room facing south Kanyakumari - Tamilnadu - India

Room facing south Kanyakumari – Tamilnadu – India



I wrote 2 bi-weekly, not too bad.
I didn’t write any new posts
I updated my /now page, a long time pending todo item. I’d like to keep it current in the same session I write my bi-weekly.

Next Actions:

  • None new



Although this is a product I don’t plan to release this is the tool I use the most. I have never seen a replacement for it.
I produce a lot of notes by journaling everything I do, I read, I think, I learn. Keeping them organized and searchable is a challenge.
Roughly I spent 4 days coding and 5 days using it. By using the tool I was also testing it.
  • The tool was ported by lacked ease of use and reliability. I found a few bugs in the backend in my usage of libraries I use everywhere (fsevent, direntries).
  • I installed the pills. That as a long term envy. A way to sort quickly a list of notes ito multiple buckets. Before this feature I had to comb each day multiple times. it’s already long and cumbersome. With 8 pills I can go like 10 times faster. This paid by itself already this week.
  • I ported the search feature to native MacOSX. since I moved to Mac last September it was running on a virtaul machine with Windows 10. having the search and the index rebuilding native to MacOSX, I benefit from the performance of the machine. It’s very fast. Spotlight is not bad but not as focused and precise.
Now I have all my notes from 2017 all well sorted are grouped by topic. Everything related to learning-cards is now grouped in a specific folder. The tool let me skim through the notes quickly.

Next Actions:

  • I refrain to invest too much on this tool, so this will all be done on need only.
  • Undo is easy to install. At least one step for moves.
  • This app don’t use Redux. It was done before I learned it. Installing redux is a two days work.
  • Drag and Drop would vastly help to UX. it’s all ready. There is a great open source component to use. It could be a good application if I need to learn this component in the learning-cards project.
  • More features like rotating pictures, trimming are easy because they are almost ready.


Nothing was done. I realized when I worked on the schema that I forgot the database in France 🙁 . This was kind of blow to my motivation since I had to redo existing work. When I started to search through my notes I realized that Finder from MacOSX won’t be sufficient. I took the option to switch to work on “kneaver-notes” my tool to manage the huge quantity of notes I produce during my journaling. Developing the tool and using it took 10 days but was fully beneficial.
During my work on kneaver-notes I practiced electron and react. I’ll be able to apply what I learn on the cards and win back my lost.

Next Actions:

  • No changes
  • I will start by (re)implementing the database that I left behind in France 🙁 . I found my notes and I shall be able to recollect most of it.


I didn’t practice much more during these two weeks.
I continue the work on the kneaver-lrs-srv by designing a really good schema for storing xAPI statements on postgres. The database is now ready for the next step. 
I read more on GraphQL unions, this is what will be used for representing various case of objects or agents.

Next Actions:

  • Done: Finalize PostgreSQL interface
  • Done: Explore possibilities to have GraphQL-relay manage grouped statements using IDs.
  • Install GraphQL on learning-cards


Nothing done.

Next Actions:

  • No changes

What I’m reading


  • I’m in India. It’s natural that I found a book on the early teachings of Buddha. Buddha before Buddhism. It’s a commented translation of 16 poems. I liked the care the author takes to avoid mixing religion and wisdom.
  • I’m always craving to read more, away from any devices. The Though Leadership Manual got my attention. I was curious to learn more on this strategy, to find a good positioning.

What else am I doing

  • I spent a lot of time sorting my notes. I had a huge backlog of notes from 2017. It was a real handicap.
  • Sorting notes let me relearn what I learned a year ago. It’s a great retrieval practice I will document.


  • Write about the benefits of sorting notes

that’s all folks

Happy Pongal!
I did a nice live tweeting of the celebration: