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I’m India since mid-December. I’m now in Kanyakumari
I’m practicing Yoga, long walks to the beach for Sunsets, I travelled from Madurai.
In between, I stay busy moving toward my goals.
Room facing south Kanyakumari - Tamilnadu - India

Room facing south Kanyakumari – Tamilnadu – India



I wrote 2 bi-weekly, not too bad.
I didn’t write any new posts
I updated my /now page, a long time pending todo item. I’d like to keep it current in the same session I write my bi-weekly.

Next Actions:

  • None new



Although this is a product I don’t plan to release this is the tool I use the most. I have never seen a replacement for it.
I produce a lot of notes by journaling everything I do, I read, I think, I learn. Keeping them organized and searchable is a challenge.
Roughly I spent 4 days coding and 5 days using it. By using the tool I was also testing it.
  • The tool was ported by lacked ease of use and reliability. I found a few bugs in the backend in my usage of libraries I use everywhere (fsevent, direntries).
  • I installed the pills. That as a long term envy. A way to sort quickly a list of notes ito multiple buckets. Before this feature I had to comb each day multiple times. it’s already long and cumbersome. With 8 pills I can go like 10 times faster. This paid by itself already this week.
  • I ported the search feature to native MacOSX. since I moved to Mac last September it was running on a virtaul machine with Windows 10. having the search and the index rebuilding native to MacOSX, I benefit from the performance of the machine. It’s very fast. Spotlight is not bad but not as focused and precise.
Now I have all my notes from 2017 all well sorted are grouped by topic. Everything related to learning-cards is now grouped in a specific folder. The tool let me skim through the notes quickly.

Next Actions:

  • I refrain to invest too much on this tool, so this will all be done on need only.
  • Undo is easy to install. At least one step for moves.
  • This app don’t use Redux. It was done before I learned it. Installing redux is a two days work.
  • Drag and Drop would vastly help to UX. it’s all ready. There is a great open source component to use. It could be a good application if I need to learn this component in the learning-cards project.
  • More features like rotating pictures, trimming are easy because they are almost ready.


During my work on kneaver-notes I practiced electron and react. I’ll be able to apply what I learn on the cards and win back my lost.

Next Actions:

  • No changes
  • I will start by (re)implementing the database that I left behind in France 🙁 . I found my notes and I shall be able to recollect most of it.


I didn’t practice much more during these two weeks.
kneaver-lrs-srv by designing a really good schema for storing xAPI statements on postgres. The database is now ready for the next step. 
 on GraphQL unions, this is what will be used for representing various case of objects or agents.

Next Actions:

  • PostgreSQL interface
  • Done: Explore possibilities to have GraphQL-relay manage grouped statements using IDs.
  • Install GraphQL on learning-cards


Nothing done.

Next Actions:

  • No changes

What I’m reading


  • . It’s a commented translation of 16 poems. I liked the care the author takes to avoid mixing religion and wisdom.
  • got my attention. I was curious to learn more on this strategy, to find a good positioning.

What else am I doing

  • I spent a lot of time sorting my notes. I had a huge backlog of notes from 2017. It was a real handicap.
  • Sorting notes let me relearn what I learned a year ago. It’s a great retrieval practice I will document.


  • Write about the benefits of sorting notes

that’s all folks

Happy Pongal!
I did a nice live tweeting of the celebration: