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I’m Malaysia since February 10th. I’m now in Melaka.
I traveled a lot since my last recap.
Chinese New Year just finished, I can still ear some fireworks as I write my recap.
It has been a great time, very intense.
Melaka changed a lot since my trip here. It aims at becoming a major Tourist attraction.
I was able to do some work this last week #Happy.

My usual room in a traditional Chinese house


No changes



The major move was to finalized the GraphQL / Appolo implementation. I struggled a bit with custom scalar types to integrate GraphQL and PostgreSQL. I can say that now the software stack is complete and operational.
  • The schema is now automatically created and updated on PostgreSQL
  • cards are stored in the local storage for fast and offline access.
  • local storage is rehydrated whenever you are online
 As of today, you can:
  • Watch videos
  • Flip a card

Next Actions:

  • Implement Authorization and user management.
  • Connect with the xAPI LRS I wrote in December. the LRS will collect all significant user actions like a super log system. GraphQL and Apollo will offer a unified access to the data.
  • Add and document more stories

Learning-cards Design

mechanical Turk but for learning card design.
Tuerkischer schachspieler windisch4.jpg
By Karl Gottlieb von Windisch – Copper engraving from the book: Karl Gottlieb von Windisch, Briefe über den Schachspieler des Hrn. von Kempelen, nebst drei Kupferstichen die diese berühmte Maschine vorstellen. 1783.
Original Uploader was Schaelss (talk) at 11:12, 7. Apr 2004., Public Domain, Link

You will find the form here:


Next Actions:

  • Complete the Google Form, possibly move it to an HTML form as it becomes more complex.
  • Design myself a few cards of my own


A DevOps toolbelt has been installed with private github repos, Jenkins, ansible, docker etc..
An instance was published to a test server on Internet. It’s a _very_ early release. Recent efforts were placed on the infrastructure, which works, not on UX or features. It may be up and down as I make more changes.

Next Actions:

  • Split all microservices into Docker containers,
  • Start a kubernetes server on AWS for the orchestration of production servers.

What I’m reading


  • .

What else am I doing

  • I renewed and secured the Kneaver trademark.
  • I finalized the trip, secured all plane tickets.


  • Cross the strait of Melaka to Sumatra in Indonesia and travel to Surabaya

that’s all folks

Happy New Year!


Gong Xi Fa Chai (恭喜發財)
Litteraly expand your wealth. Wealth here is encompass the bank account, health, mental health. Every elements that allows yu to live fully and without worries, hence reaching happyness. Not really my philosophy. I prefer the simplicity of India.
But the food, so rich, so variate, so tasty.