I’m back on the Learning Postcards project! This is an update and a connection with what’s next. I had to set it aside last October as I was busy in a 9-18 work. I was also facing a pesky intermittent Internet connection. No work can be done without a reliable Internet connection. My work involves constant search, learning, and explorations.

I left the 9-18 work (8-19 really) on December 20th. I took a long due end-of-year break. I went sick for a week (I could have skipped this) and here I’m back. Early January, my goal was to start with a nice specification for the learning postcards. I spent yet another week fixing the websites and updating my tools.

This week when I started, I realized that I have two more big questions to fix before moving forward.

What makes Learning Postcards different from postcards with some instructive content on it?

I did a lot of research Micro-learning, rapid design, nailing messages including recent contributions and experiences.

Which tools should I use to offer the best experience?

I want to have the app convenient, easy and fast to use. I want to have it available everywhere. I learned and read a lot on ReactJS, Native React, Cordova, Android, IOS. I made several interesting experiments.

I spent the whole week without concrete results. I felt a bit guilty of procrastinating again. A friend reminded me last Thursday that doing my best was my real goal. I’m tracking my work as usual with my journal. I went back to my journal and listed what I did and achieved. After this second look, I realized it’s not so bad.

I’m glad I made some good advances in both questions and will share about it. Glad also this valuable project is back on track. I’m sure it will bring benefits to many experts willing to share their expertise.