Let’s start the epic on the International Sketchnote Camp with Marianne. Technically Marianne is the first Fabulous Four I heard of. But I’m not sure of this fact.

I was in Berlin for the GfWM Knowledge Camp end 2016. This was my first barcamp and my first return to Germany after a long hiatus. As an Alsatian from Strasbourg, I spent a lot of time in Germany until I left when I was 40. During and after this tour in Berlin I stayed interested in this format of barcamp. Being a project manager, I was also keeping an eye on the Agile community. I kept networking with the German participants and shared my interest for visual thinking and sketchnotes. I heard later that someone active in the Agile/Scrum space was working on a Sketchnote barcamp in the same format. I guess this was Marianne. Note the little fish sign top, right.

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Ganz tolle Session auf dem Producy Owner Camp in Frankfurt. #pocamp #ux # userexperience #persona #backlog #sketchnote #sketchnotes #sketchone

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That’s also when I started to scan for a sketchnote barcamp. I was later surprised that Ayoka was also part of the initiative. She shared the news and links as early as April. The loop was closed. It was the same gang.

Cats are my third connection with Marianne. I admire how she prepared the introduction of cats in her life. She’s now an accomplished cat mum 🙂

Days later Johan Sfar, the father of the Rabin’s cat shared a similar picture on IG https://www.instagram.com/p/BraiKjwgTDU/

My conclusion so far is that Cats and Sketching go well together. This was later confirmed with Caroline and Andrea.

I guess we are in for a series of kitten pictures before long.

Marianne is easy to find:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarianneRady

Follow her for Sketchnote, Agile, Lean, Cats with a feminist twist

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mariannerady/

Her site (both German and English): http://mariannerady.com

Her online selfie 🙂

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My Sketchnote selfi for the International Sketchnote Camp in Hamburg! Only 2 weeks to go, I am so excited 🎉🎉🎉 #ISC17HH #sketchnotes #sketchnote #SNSymp17 #neuland #sketchone #stabilopen68 #stabilo #greenpoint #selfi #sketchnotehangout

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From now on, my advent calendar of Sketchnoters will seriously lack diversity in term of male presence. It’s very different from my own family of coding.

Essential to start sketchnoting and becoming a visual thinker!

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