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I had this idea to collect examples of working out loud when I visited Michelle Ockers in Australia.

Submissions are free and open. A link to an entry point of the observable work should be given.

Such examples don’t need to be in the strict observance of Working Out Loud as explained by John Stepper but more in the spirit. It’s likely that most experiences listed here will be carried by individuals who knew nothing about Austin Kleon “Show Your Work” or “Working Out Loud”.

Here are the most important characteristics I see for a good example

– Show work in progress not only the final result or a random intermediate result.
– It should be observable by all even if only some steps are retained.
– The process underlying the work should be explained at least in a few words. Sharing only snapshots of work or silent live design wouldn’t qualify.
– The work should be open to comments, questions. It’s not to say the working person should respond to everything or follow advice, change directions but a dialog should be possible beyond complacency or simple encouragements. Working Out Loud without dialog is vain.
– A diversity of fields, applications, vocations is desired. One more reason, there is no need for mentions of WOL or any author.

The goal is to show (or fail to show) that Working Out Loud is applicable almost everywhere, for every purpose. It would be nice that everyone can see an example in his field and therefore be convinced of the utility of the process.

Not surprisingly most examples will start on Twitter. In this case, submit a search or a link to a thread.

We don’t lack Working Out Loud laudators, we lack no frills experimentators. This is what this directory will fix.

The initial design of the directory will be this single page with examples grouped by categories.

Contact Bruno Winck at @brunowinck on Twitter to submit more examples.


Dave Snowden, Liminal Cynefin conceptualization, October 2017


Business and Finance

Joel Gascoigne, Sharing Buffer results, January 2018

Software Design

Nicolas Calagger, Designing Twitter Lite with redux, April 2016


February 2017:

September 2017:

Full post: https://blog.twitter.com/engineering/en_us/topics/open-source/2017/how-we-built-twitter-lite.html

Note that React is an open source framework made by … Facebook, to which AirBNB, Automatic (aka WordPress), Microsoft contribute. It’s an all-industry effort to create the tools for tomorrow morning. (Side Note all Kneaver products are based on React).

Do you any interesting bleeding edge Working Out Loud experience? Share it with us at @Kneaver