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It’s summer cleaning for #PKMChat.

I’m preparing for the next season of #PKMChat and reviewing all the tools we have to our disposal. I wish that we could be more agile to organize chats as well as any activity around it.

For this reason, I arrange that we move from LinkedIn to a new Google community group at … “drum rolls”


get me to the new group

It’s named PKMChat without the leading #.

PKMChat restart on August 26th. I think the topic will be about defining smart learning objectives for self-directed learners. I’m building the list of topics for the coming season and take any suggestion.

Meanwhile, we have our summer activity with Periodic table. Give it a try. There is still a week to go and I will add more activities. Part of my summer time was dedicated to enhance the WordPress plugin wp-kneaver running behind it. I fixed a few defects, made it easier to use and added new options for the chat posts.

Benefits for you

  • The G+ group will also serve to set permissions on the GoogleDoc documents used to prepare the chats or as artifacts produced after the chat.
  • If we ever want to have Google hangout, it will be easier because we can just start it from the group. Each of us will be notified directly.
  • The GUI of G+ is definitely smoother that the one of Linkedin. It’s possible to modify posts, to add pictures, it’s fast.
  • We are not alone: #BufferChat, #SayftyChat, #BizHeroes, Aha, xAPI, MSLoc430 are already on Google communities. Finally Invites for the chat will be posted automatically as events in the group. It will be easier to place in your calendar. Specially interesting as some topics can be announced a long time in advance and you can reserve the time in your schedule.
  • list of links on the left
  • predefined categories. You will see a list of predefined categories when you add a new post. “Lab” is used to suggest a topic.So topic suggestions is now open to all.

Benefits for me and hosts in general

  • I have already the code to automate publication to G+ Group as well as calendar and documents. So I’ll be able to streamline my work and post of informations as I do on Twitter. I have it for Linkedin but I don’t use it inside Kneaver. G+ is part of the Minimum Viable Product stage of Kneaver, LinkedIn is not.
  • It will allow me to concentrate on Twitter and G+ and be more active inside the group. I was not motivated by the poor UI of LinkedIn.


  • Honest I don’t see any outside from the time it will take you to move.
  • I’m really sorry and understand that some of you may consider I don’t know what I want. I’m sure you realized this group was not very active.

Bear with me this extra step and accept my apologies for some extra work.

I’ll wished to set the group as public but it’s not possible, Everyone can join but need to request to join.