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PKM Ideal Week

A year ago Michael Hyatt introduced to a focus group the concept of Ideal Week. If you had the choice what would be your ideal week for practicing your Personal Knowledge Mix: When would you read, arrange your notes, write, take a look on your Twitter feed, check the news in your field? That’s our topic today. Especially relevant as we try a new schedule to have everyone on the same day. PKMChat being about Personal Knowledge Management encompass Knowledge lifecycle in general. Our first chat was about learning, acquiring Knowledge. Our second is about sharing it. Week after weeks we will switch from one end of the lifecycle to another while exploring all the channels that could be used: social, formal, writing, videos. Feel free to suggest topics by tweeting to @pkmchat.
PKM Ideal Week


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  • Q1: TBC
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  • Q5: TBC
  • NB: Questions are subject to change without notice.