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PKM Tip Exchange

This is a topic Michelle Ockers prepared on the fly in June in exactly 4 mins 10 seconds and 6 DMs. Most productive topic preparation ever. How about an exchange of tips for highly effective / powerful PKM? Purpose of the chat is to discuss / exchange tips for most effective PKM habits / mindset / activities / tools / people to connect with. Let’s call it something like ‘PKM Tip Exchange’ or ‘Powerful PKM Tips’ or ‘Highly Effective PKM Tips’ What’s one characteristic of mindset for effective PKM? What’s the most effective PKM activity you engage in and why? Who have been valuable connections in your PKM practices? What tool (or type of tool) can you simply not do without for effective PKM? What advice would you give to someone just starting to develop their PKM practices? Simple, right to the heart of PKMChat no? Perfect for a hot July evening. It will be Bastille Day Eve. You’ll hear the firecrackers behind my tweets and the fireworks. I’ll join the bal after. See you there too. PKMChat being about Personal Knowledge Management encompass Knowledge lifecycle in general. Our first chat was about learning, acquiring Knowledge. Our second is about sharing it. Week after weeks we will switch from one end of the lifecycle to another while exploring all the channels that could be used: social, formal, writing, videos. Feel free to suggest topics by tweeting to @pkmchat.


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